ARCHIPLANE™ is a service of Insensation Inc.   After almost 25 years of manufacturing custom staircases and doors for high-end clients, architects and contractors, we now offer you a selection of our minimalistic stair treads, door frames, railings and hardware, to create your own design.

This site will give you budget pricing for your selections without the transport costs.  After you check out, we will take contact with you to discuss your order and give you the price including the transportation to your state.

With three companies in the USA, Switzerland and Germany, Insensation® delivers timeless products, focussed on high-quality and made of high-grade, anodised aluminum.

Our clients are local and global architecture firms, general contractors of all sizes, tradesmen and all those who appreciate good design and quality in their construction projects. Over 4500 clients have trusted us in the 20 years of our existence.

All our products are custom-made. We offer attractive discounts to contractors and architects ordering in large quantities. We ship via sea cargo or air cargo, depending on your budget.