Frameless door frame up to 96” | Flächenbündige Tür bis 2400 mm


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The Frameless Swing kit consists of a “hidden” aluminum frame, for any wall thicknesses using either 1/2” or 5/8” sheetrock.

The frameless system offers co-planarity with the outside or inside surface of the wall, while still opening in or out depending on the configuration. The system is sold together with a magnetic lock case and 3D concealed hinges with 3-way adjustability.

Pricing is by height and width of the door leaf, which is made by your contractor. We also provide complete systems with door leafs. Send us your door schedule if you want pricing.

Our price includes 3D concealed hinges, magnetic lockcase, acoustic gaskets and all the required millings in the door frame – for quantities of 10 or more frames. All sizes up to 10′ x 4′ are available. Other pricing is available for less units. Delivery is priced by the number of units and delivery address and it not included in this price but will be quoted separately.

Production time is 5 days and delivery time is 3-5 days.